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Essential Edition – Norstar Version still available? Yes – they have been renamed “Basic Edition – PARTNER® Mode” and “Basic Edition – Norstar Mode”. Functionality is similar to Basic Edition. Can I upgrade Basic Edition? Yes. Basic Edition may be upgraded to Essential Edition by purchasing and applying the new Essential Edition License. During this upgrade, the configuration of the system will be retained. Can we still forward/copy voicemail to an email address with Basic Edition? Yes. What is the maximum capacity of Basic Edition? • Up to 100 digital phones (if using only Nortel T series and M series phones) or up to 98 digital phones (any combination of 1400, 9500 and Nortel T series and M-series) supported on DS8, TCM8, DS16/16A and DS30/30A modules • Up to 100 analog phones • Up to 18 PARTNER ETR phones (North America only, additional non ETR phones can be added total to 100) • Up to 32 analog CO lines • 1 PRI / E1 (30 lines, EMEA/MENA only) • 1 PRI / T1 (24 lines, North America only) • Up to 12 BRI channels • Up to 20 SIP lines How many ports and hours of voicemail storage come with Basic Edition? Basic Edition Voice Messaging comes with 2 ports and 15 hours as standard. Can I add more messaging ports or storage time to Basic Edition? Yes - Additional ports can be added while simultaneously increasing storage capacity. With 2 additional ports, there are 4 ports in total, 20 hours of storage; with 4 additional ports, there are 6 ports in total, 25 hours of storage. How many Auto Attendants are available with Basic Edition? Basic Edition supports up to 9 Auto Attendants. Can IP500v2 systems with Basic Edition be networked? No.