Feature list

Call Forward to a Mailbox An extension user can forward calls to their mailbox. Voice Mail
Call Routing Mailbox The mailbox associated with an AnswerTable that specifies which dialing options (Dial ActionTable) and announcements are available to Automated Attendant callers.
Automated Attendant
Caller ID A telephone company service that provides a caller's number and optional name. The telephone system can pass this information to InMail to enable
Caller ID with Return Call. System
Caller ID with Return Call See Make Call and Time and Date Stamp. Voice Mail
Calling (Logging On to) a
Mailbox See Log On to Voice Mail. Voice Mail
Calling the Automated
Attendant Automated Attendant callers can use various InMail features and then return to Attendant
the Automated Attendant for additional dialing options. Automated
Cascade Message Notification
If an extension user receives a new message in their mailbox, Cascading Message Notification calls them, at up to five preset destinations, to let them
know a new voice mail message has arrived. Voice Mail
Day, Night, and Holiday
Greetings See Flexible Answering Schedules. Automated
Attendant Deleting a Message See Message Delete. Voice Mail
Deleting Mailbox Security
Code See Mailbox Security Code Delete. Maintenance
Dial Action Table Defines the dialing options for a Call Routing Mailbox chosen by the active AnswerTable, which in turn provides those dialing options to Automated Atten- dant callers.
Automated Attendant
Directory Dialing Directory Dialing allows an Automated Attendant caller to reach an extension
by dialing the first few letters in the extension user's name. Automated
Distribution List A Distribution List shows extensions that receive a message you record and send to a single Distribution Mailbox. Any message left in the Distribution
Mailbox is automatically sent to all the mailboxes in the list. Voice Mail
Email Notification
Email Notification automatically sends an email notification when a Subscriber Mailbox receives a new message. The email can optionally include the recorded message as a .wav file attachment.To hear the message, the email recipient double-clicks the .wav attachment to have the message play in their .wav player (such as Windows Media Player).
Voice Mail
Erasing All Messages Lets the System Administrator delete mailbox messages system-wide. Maintenance Exiting a Mailbox An extension user can exit their mailbox by dialing a code or by hanging up. Voice Mail
Fax Detection The Automated Attendant can detect incoming fax calls and transfer them to a
fax machine. System
Find-Me Follow-Me Find-Me Follow-Me helps an Automated Attendant caller locate an extension
user who is not at their desk. Automated
Attendant ments and dialing options, depending on the time of day and day of week. Automated
Flexible Answering
Schedules The Automated Attendant can answer outside calls with different announce-
Flexible Call Routing
The Automated Attendant can provide outside callers with a wide variety of dialing (routing) options. There are 3 components to Flexible Call Routing. See AnswerTable.
See Call Routing Mailbox. See Dial ActionTable.
Automated Attendant
Flexible Mailbox
Numbering Plan If the telephone system extension numbers are customized, the InMail mailbox
Forced Unscreened
numbers can be customized to match. System Transfer A Subscriber Mailbox can optionally convert Automated Attendant Screened
Transfers to Unscreened Transfers. Automated
Forwarding Calls toa
Mailbox See Call Forward to a Mailbox. Voice Mail
Getting RecordedHelp If an extension user dials an incorrect code or forgets what to dial while in their
mailbox, they can request help from the InMail voice prompts. Voice Mail
Go to a Mailbox An Automated Attendant caller can dial a digit and route directly to a mailbox. Automated Attendant