Conference Room
In addition to ad-hoc conferencing, users may establish a Conference Room. Other internal and external parties are invited to the conference and can join the conference without further action by the user who established the Conference Room. A user can transfer an active call to a Conference Room. A Conference Room can be password protected so that only parties that enter the password are allowed to join the Room.
Up to 9 Conference Rooms can be set-up and each can support a maximum of 32 parties with the g.711 or g.729 codec or 24 parties with the g.723 codec. Conference Rooms employ channels from
an MCIM (Multi-party Conference Interface Module). Each MCIM supports up to 32 parties and multiple MCIM units may be installed as shown in the chart below. iPECS-Micro 1 MCIM unit maximum iPECS-50 & 100 2 MCIM units maximum iPECS-300 4 MCIM units maximum iPECS-600 8 MCIM units maximum iPECS-1200 30 MCIM units maximum