Analog interface

Analog Communications Interface (ACI)
The Analog Communications Interface (ACI) feature uses analog ports (with associated relays) for Music on Hold, External Paging, and Back Ground Music (BGM).
External Paging, External MOH and BGM
Each 084M-B1 units have 2 Audio In and 1 Audio Out jack on board. 2 Audio In jacks are used for A BGM (J431: BGM) or External MOH (J421: MOH), and 1 Audio Out jack is for External Paging (J411: PAGE). A system can have 1 BGM or MOH source. The BGM or MOH source is selected in PRG 10-60-01.
When configuring a 3 KSU system, a maximum of 3 External Paging can be used by using Audio Out jack at 084M-B1 unit.
Relay Control
1 KSU has 2 relay ports (J7: RY1/2) on 084M-B1 unit. The System can have a maximum of 6 relay ports.
These relays can be used for External MOH, BGM resource, External Speaker, or Door Phone control