Automatic Release

Automatic Release
Automatic Release drops the line circuit when an outside party abandons the call. For this feature to work with Loop Start Trunks, the CO/PBX providing the outside line must provide a timed disconnect signal. Automatic Release is normally provided on Ground start trunks are not supported please remove, DID and ISDN trunks.
•Automatic Release on ISDN trunks is provided by the protocol.
•When an outside line is accessed using a dedicated line key, the LED associated with the line key goes off when Automatic Release occurs.
•On Loop Start trunks Automatic Release is only available on incoming calls.
•This feature functions while a call is in progress, on hold, or in a conference.
•This feature applies to all ICM type calls in progress, holding or parked.
•When Automatic Release occurs and the telephone is in handsfree mode, Speaker automatically turns off. If using the handset, the station is set to idle when the handset goes on-hook.