Automatic extension privacy

Automatic Extension Privacy
Use this feature to prevent a user from joining an active call at an extension. When Automatic Extension Privacy is Assigned for an extension, other users cannot join active calls at that extension. This feature is typically used for single-line telephones and extensions connected to fax machines, modems, and credit card scanners, which make and receive data calls that should not be interrupted. This feature can provide the Privacy (F07) function for single-line telephones.
Considerations 4
■ If you want to be able to intercept calls routed to an auxiliary device—such as an answering machine, a voice messaging system, or an auto attendant—make sure Automatic Extension Privacy is Not Assigned for the auxiliary equipment extension.
■ Single-line telephones and system telephones without a programmed Privacy button cannot override this feature once it is assigned to an extension.
■ If Automatic Extension Privacy is Assigned at an extension, the green light is lit automatically after programming the Privacy button to indicate that Privacy is currently active.
■ Automatic Extension Privacy applies only to active calls. Any user can retrieve a held call unless Exclusive Hold is used.