AVAYA Partner Abbreviated ringing

Abbreviated Ringing (#305) 4
Use this feature to activate or deactivate Abbreviated Ringing at the system telephone at a specific extension. When you are on a call and Abbreviated Ringing is Active, any incoming call rings only once. The green light next to the line or pool button flashes until the call is answered or the caller hangs up (or for a transferred call, until the call returns to the transfer return extension). This feature prevents incoming calls from distracting you when you are busy on another call. To allow calls to ring repeatedly, set Abbreviated Ringing to Not Active.
Considerations 4 ■ Abbreviated Ringing applies only to system telephones.
■ Abbreviated Ringing is typically set to Not Active for operators and others who handle many calls quickly so they have an audible reminder of incoming calls.
■ Abbreviated Ringing applies to outside, transferred, and intercom calls. ■ The volume of an abbreviated ring is lower than a normal ring.
■ Calls to a busy extension ring at a lower volume than normal even if Abbreviated Ringing is set to Not Active.
Programming 4
To change the Abbreviated Ringing setting for an extension:
1. Press f00ss#305 at extension 10 or 11.
2.Enter the number of the extension to be programmed.
3.To set Abbreviated Ringing, press D until the appropriate value appears.
■ 1 = Active (incoming calls ring once; the factory setting)  ■ 2 = Not Active (incoming calls ring repeatedly)
4.To program another extension, press n or p until the extension number appears on the display. Then repeat step 3.
5. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.