Answer Hold

Answer Hold
Answer Hold allows a multiline terminal user to press the flashing Answer key to answer an incoming ringing call or and Camp-on call. When the multiline terminal user is already answering a call, the first call is automatically placed on hold, depending on the user’s setting in Program 15-02-06.
r When multiple incoming calls activate the Answer key LED, the LED continues to flash until all calls are answered.
r Use Program 15-02-06 (Normal Hold, Exclusive Hold) to set the type of Hold key to be used. (Default = Normal Hold)
r For calls placed in a Park Group, the LED will blink fast (green).
r For calls placed in a Park Group by another user, the LED will blink slow (red). r The Answer Hold feature does not function for incoming internal calls.
r CO/PBX incoming calls, not assigned to ring or assigned to another ring group, will not activate the Answer Hold feature.
r If the direct trunk appearance key is not assigned when all Call Appearance Keys are in use, the next incoming call cannot be answered