NEC telephone systems feature list

Account Code – Forced/Verified/Unverified Account Code – Forced/Verified/Unverified Account Code Entry Account Code Entry Add-On Conference Conference All Call Page Paging, Internal Alphanumeric Display Alphanumeric Display Analog Line Extender (Dterm Analog EXT) Not Supported Ancillary Device Connection Ancillary Device Connection Answer Hold Answer Hold Answer Key Answer Key Assigned Night Answer (ANA) Direct Inward Line (DIL) Attendant Add-On Console Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console Attendant Camp-OnCall Waiting / Camp On Attendant Positions Attendant Call Queuing Attendant Station Outgoing Lockout Code Restriction, Dial Block Attendant Transfer Transfer Authorization Code Code Restriction Override Automated Attendant Voice Response System (VRS) Automatic Answer with Delay Message Voice Response System (VRS) Automatic Call Distribution Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Automatic Callback Callback Automatic Day/Night Mode Switching Night Service Automatic Hold Hold Automatic Number Indication (ANI) on T1 T1 Trunking (with ANI/DNIS Compatibility) Automatic Redial Repeat Redial Automatic Release Automatic Release Automatic Route Selection (ARS) Automatic Route Select.
automatic Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer Call Forwarding, Off-Premise Background Music – Multiline Speaker Background Music Background Music Over External Speakers Background Music Barge-In Barge In Battery Backup – System MemoryBattery Backup – System Memory Battery Backup – System PowerBattery Backup – System Power Busy Lamp Field on Multiline Terminals One-Touch Calling Call Alert Notification Off Hook Signaling Call Appearance (CAP) KeysCall Appearance (CAP) Keys Call Arrival (CAR) KeysCall Arrival (CAR) Keys Call Forward – All CallCall Forwarding Call Forward – Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding Call Forward – Centrex Not Supported Call Forward – Display Call Forwarding Call Forward – Off-Premise Call Forwarding, Off-Premise Call Forward – Split Call Forwarding Call Monitoring Call Monitoring Call Park – SystemPark Call Pickup – Group Group Call Pickup Call Pickup Direct Directed Call Pickup Callback Request Message Waiting Caller ID Call ReturnCaller ID Call Return Caller ID Indication (Analog Trunks) Caller ID Cascade CPU Not Supported Centralized Voice Mail (with E&M Tie Lines) Not Supported Class of Service Class of Service Clock/Calendar Display Clock/Calendar Display CO Message Waiting Indication CO Message Waiting Indication CO/PBX, Tie Line Digit Restriction Code Restriction Code Restriction Code Restriction
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) TAPI Compatibility Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Applications Consecutive Speed Dial Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Cordless Telephone Connection Cordless Telephone Connection Customized Message Selectable Display Messaging Data Line Security Data Line Security Delay Announcement Voice Response System (VRS) Delayed Ringing Delayed Ringing Dial 0 For Attendant Operator Dialed Number Indication Service (DNIS) T1 Trunking (with ANI/DNIS Compatibility) Digit Insertion Automatic Route Selection Digital Line Extender (Dterm ISDN EXTender Plus) Not Supported Digital Voice Mail Digital Voice Mail Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Direct Inward Termination (DIT) Direct Inward Line (DIL) Direct Paging Access Paging, Internal Direct Station Selection (DSS) One-Touch Calling Distinctive Ringing Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns Do Not Disturb (DND) Do Not Disturb Door Lock Release Relays Door Box Door/Monitor Telephone Door Box DP to DTMF Switching Pulse to Tone Conversion Drop Key Drop Key Dterm Analog Cordless Terminal Not Supported Dterm Cordless II Terminal Dterm Cordless II Terminal Dterm Cordless Lite II Terminal Dterm Cordless Lite II Terminal Dterm Handset Cordless Dterm Handset Cordless Dterm IP Gateway System Dterm IP Gateway System
E&M Tie Lines (4-Wire) Multiple Trunk Types Elapsed Call Time Call Duration Timer Electra Elite IPK TerminalsElectra Elite IPK Terminals Electra Elite Terminal Migration Electra Elite Terminal Migration Electra Professional Terminal Migration Not Supported Electronic Volume Control Volume Controls Elite ACD Plus Not Supported Elite CallAnalyst Elite CallAnalyst Elite Q-Master Not Supported EliteApps - Interactive Voice Response EliteApps - Interactive Voice Response EliteApps - PC Attendant IPK II - PC Attendant Emergency 911 – Cut Through E911 Compatibility Enhanced 911 E911 Compatibility Equal Access Accommodation Code Restriction External Tone Ringer Analog Communications Interface (ACI) External Zone Paging (Meet-Me) Paging, External Facsimile CO Branch Connection Facsimile CO Branch Connection Feature Access – User Programmable Programmable Function Keys Flexible Line Assignment Programmable Function Keys Flexible Numbering Plan Flexible System Numbering Flexible Ringing Assignment Ring Groups Flexible Timeouts Flexible Timeouts Full Duplex Handsfree Handsfree and Monitor Full Handsfree Operation Handsfree and Monitor General Purpose Relays Analog Communications Interface (ACI) Ground Start Trunks Multiple Trunk Types Group Listening Group Listen Handset Mute Handset Mute Handsfree Answerback Handsfree Answerback/Forced Intercom Ringing Handsfree Dialing and Monitoring Handsfree and Monitor
Headset Connection (Built-In) Headset Operation Hold With Recall (Exclusive and Non-Exclusive) Hold Hot Key Pad Not Supported Hot Line Hotline Howler Tone Service Howler Tone Service I-Hold Indication Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns Incoming Call Identification Caller ID Incoming Trunk Name or Number Display Name Storing Internal Hub Internal Hub Internal Voice/Tone Signaling Handsfree Answerback/Forced Intercom Ringing Internal Zone Paging (Meet-Me) Paging, Internal IP CPU & Media Gateway Not Supported IP Station (MEGACO)IP Station (MEGACO) - IAD Integrated Access Device ISDN-BRI Trunk Connections ISDN Compatibility ISDN-PRI Trunk Connections ISDN Compatibility I-Use Indication Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns Key Function/Multifunction Registration Multiple Trunk Types Key-Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (K-CCIS) K-CCIS - T1 Large LED Indication Message Waiting Last Number Redial Last Number Redial Least Cost Routing (LCR) Automatic Route Selection Live Monitoring Digital Voice Mail Loop Start Trunks Multiple Trunk Types Message Display Board Not Supported Message Waiting Message Waiting Microphone Control Microphone Cutoff Multiline Conference Bridge Multiline Conference Bridge Multilingual LCD Indication Alphanumeric Display Multimedia Conference Bridge Multimedia Conference Bridge Multiple Trunk Groups Trunk Groups
Music on Hold Music on Hold NEC Elite PC AssistantIPK II - PC Assistant Nesting Dial Not Supported Night Call Pickup Night Service Night Chime Night Service Night Transfer Night Service Off-Hook Ringing Off Hook Signaling Off-Premise Extension (OPX) Off-Premise Extension (Actual name) One-Touch Feature Access Programmable Function Keys PC Programming PC Programming Pooled Line (Outgoing) Trunk Group Routing Power Failure Transfer Power Failure Transfer Preset Dialing Dialing Number Preview Prime Line Assignment Prime Line Selection Privacy on All Calls Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release Privacy Release Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release Private Lines Private Line Programming from Multiline Terminal Programming from Multiline Terminal Pushbutton Dial – DTMF or DPSingle Line Telephones, Analog 500/2500 Sets Quick Transfer to Voice MailQuick Transfer to Voice Mail Recall Key Flash Recall With Station Identification Transfer Redial Key Redial Key Remote Programming PC Programming Resident System Program Resident System Program Restriction (Outgoing) Code Restriction Ring Tone Variation Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns Ringing Line Preference Line Preference Route Advance Block Trunk Group Routing Save and Repeat Save Number Dialed
Scrolling Directories Directory Dialing Secondary Incoming Extension Secondary Incoming Extension Seized Trunk Name/Number Display Name Storing Simplified Call Distribution Department Calling Single Line Telephone Access Single Line Telephones, Analog 500/2500 Sets SLT Adapter SLT Adapter SLT Timed Alarm Alarm Softkeys Softkeys Speed Dial – Station Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Speed Dial – System Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Speed Dial Stored Characters Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Station Add-On Console Station Add-On Console Station Camp-On Call Waiting / Camp On Station Hunt Station Hunt Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Station Message Detail Recording Station Name Assignment User Programable Station Name Assignment User Programmable Station Outgoing Lockout Code Restriction, Dial Block Station Relocation Station Relocation Station Transfer Transfer Step Call Department Step Calling Store and Repeat Memo Dial Stored Hookflash Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Synchronous Ringing Synchronous Ringing System Data Up/Down Load PC Programming T1 Connection T1 Trunking (with ANI/DNIS Compatibility) Tandem Switching of 4-Wire E&M Tie LinesMultiple Trunk Types Tenant Service Night Service Three-Minute Reminder Warning Tone For Long Conversation Tone Override Tone Override Trunk Queuing Trunk Queuing/Camp On.
Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer Tandem Trunking (Unsupervised Conference) Two-Color LEDs Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns Unified Messaging Unified Messaging Unified Messaging - EliteMail CTI LX - LiteUnified Messaging Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) Uniform Numbering Network Uniform Numbering Network Universal Slots Universal Slots Unsupervised Conference Tandem Trunking (Unsupervised Conference) User Programming Ability User Programming Ability Voice Mail Integration (Analog) Voice Mail Integration (Analog) Voice Mail Message Indication on Line KeysVoice Mail Message Indication on Line Keys Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Voice Over Split Voice Over Voice Prompt Voice Response System (VRS) Wireless Not Supported Wireless - DECTWireless – DECT