NEC basic operations

1. Press the MIC key.
2. A lit MIC LED indicates that the MIC is on.
1. Press the Speaker key and the Speaker LED lights.
2. Ensure that the MIC LED is lit.
3. Place an internal or outside call.
4. Converse.
5. Press the Speaker key to disconnect the call.
Note: The handset may be used at any time during the conversation. To resume handsfree operation or to monitor a call, press the Speaker key (the Speaker LED lights) and replace the handset.
GROUP LISTEN To initiate Group Listen:
1. Place or answer a call using the handset.
2. Press the Speaker key twice (do not hang up). Note 1: The Speaker LED flashes.
Note 2: You can talk to the caller through the handset. Your coworkers hear your caller’s voice over your telephone’s speaker.
Note 3: When you press the Speaker key once, you turn your Speakerphone on. The second press turns on Group Listen. Pressing the Speaker key a third time cancels the Group Listen feature.
2-13 WED 5:40PM GROUP LISTEN Conference