Call Appearance (CAP) Keys
This feature automatically places an outside call on a Call Appearance key when the system is operated as a hybrid (Multifunction) system. These keys can be assigned on any multiline terminal or the same key can appear on multiple terminals. This feature allows efficient call handling when numerous CO calls are received and a limited number of CO line key appearances are available.
Once a Call Appearance (CAP) Key call is set up, the user can handle it like any other trunk call. For example, the user can place the call on hold, transfer it to a co-worker or send it to a park orbit. An incoming call is answered on the first available CAP key, beginning with the lowest numbered key. If keys 1~3 are Call Appearance (CAP) Keys, for example, the first incoming call is answered on key 1. If key 1 is busy, the next call is answered on key 2. If keys 1 and 2 are busy, the next call is answered on key 3. If all three keys are busy, additional incoming calls queue for the first available key.