Hotel Motel

Your system provides Hotel/Motel services in addition to the many features available to business users. These Hotel/Motel services help you run your facility more efficiently, save you time and money and provide your guests with more responsive service.
Hotel/Motel features include: Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call is like having an alarm clock in each room - with some unique advantages:
•Guests can set or cancel Wake Up Calls for themselves, or you can set and cancel Wake Ups for them.
•Unanswered Wake Up Calls can automatically call the operator and print on the Room Status Printout report.
•You can view the status of all your system Wake Up Calls from your DSS Console.
•Use Wake Up Call as a meeting reminder (e.g., for convention attendees).
Single Digit Dialing
Single Digit Dialing gives your guests one-touch access to your important Hotel/Motel services. They can lift the handset and press a single key for:
•Extensions such as the front desk, reservation services, housekeeping or the maitre d' of your restaurant.
•Feature Access Codes for one-button access to selected features and outside lines.
•Voice Mail, so your guests can leave requests even when your service providers are unavailable.
•A Department Calling Group allowing, for example, your guests to reach the first available agent in your reservation desk group.
A Department Calling Group
A Department Calling Group, allowing, for example, your guests to reach the first available agent in your reservation desk group.
Message Waiting
If you call a guest while they are away from their room, leave them a Message Waiting. When the guest returns, they see the lamp on their phone flashing and can automatically call you back. You can use Message Waiting when you have parcels for a guest dropped off at your front desk. Do not keep redialing the guest if they are not in - just send them a Message Waiting. (Your DSS Console can show all the rooms that have messages waiting.)
Room to Room Calling Restriction
Prevent guests in one room from calling guests in another - a handy feature for guests that want to maintain their privacy. If you need to, you can always allow inter-room calling (e.g., for families or groups that have separate rooms).
Toll Restriction (When Checked In)
Control a guest’s long distance dialing automatically when they check in. Use this feature to set up two different Toll Restriction modes. The first mode is for you and your staff when the room is checked out. The second mode is for your guests when they check in. You may want to restrict the outside numbers.

Guests can dial, but allow your staff to call vendors and suppliers. In addition, you can set a room's Toll Restriction mode directly to any valid setting : 1 ~ 15.
Room Status
Your phone and DSS Console can set and monitor the status of all your guest rooms: Checked In, Checked Out, Maid Required and Maid in Room. Maximize room usage by coordinating your cleaning staff and reservation desk. For example, you can dial simple codes to set a room status. And, press STATUS on your console to see the status of all rooms at a single glance.
Room Status Printouts
The Room Status Printouts give you a concise overview of the status of all your guest rooms at a H glance. The printouts provide up to the minute reports showing Room Status, Room Call Restriction, Do Not Disturb, Message Waiting and Wake Up Calls. If your cleaning staff needs to know which rooms to clean, for example, just print out the report showing Room Status. This printout requires a connection to the system using IP post on the CPU.
DSS Console Monitoring
Your DSS Console provides unique one-touch room monitoring abilities. Press a button on your DSS Console to check a room status. Or, see at a glance which rooms have Wake Up Calls set or messages waiting. You can also use your console for business mode features.
Do Not Disturb
A guest can activate DND anytime they need privacy (for example, if they need to work uninterrupted). Do Not Disturb (DND) blocks the room telephone incoming calls and Paging announcements. This can be set from the room phone or attendant phone.
Flexible Numbering Plan
To simplify dialing guests and services in your facility, customize your system to have room numbers match phone extension numbers. For example, if the rooms on the first floor are numbered 100 ~ 120, the corresponding room extensions should also be 100 ~ 120.
InMail Integration
•By setting PRG 45-02-05 to "1" (On), at the event of check-in the special command is transmitted from the system to the InMail in order to activate following features. 1.Mailbox for the room cleared of messages 2.The mailbox language returns to default
•Each Guest Room user can have individual mailbox languages at PRG 40-07-01.
•Guest Room users has ability to choose the language indication by Soft Key.