SV8100 General

The SV8100 is a full-featured IP based communications system providing a rich set of existing system features, with pure Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, across corporate Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN).
The DT700 series telephones provide a converged infrastructure at the desktop, with a 10Base-T/100Base-TX connection to the LAN and built-in hub for a PC connection to the telephone itself. The system can provide peer-to-peer connections between the DT700 series telephones with voice compression, offering existing IP telephone features with an enhanced user interface. On the WAN side, the system can provide peer-to-peer connections over IP networks with the voice compression – on CCIS over IP.
The SV8100 can provide legacy line/trunk interfaces to support the existing Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) based infrastructure, such as analog telephones, digital telephones (DT300 series), analog networks and digital networks (T1/E1, ISDN, etc.).
The 9.5" Gateway or Base chassis provides 48 total ports (32 digital terminals) and can include any combination of stations and trunks below this number.
The 9.5” Base and Expansion (Combined) chassis provides 104 total ports (80 digital terminals) and can be expanded, using three additional combined chassis, for a maximum of 416 ports (368 digital terminals). Through IP connection and four additional combined chassis, the system can be expanded to a maximum of 512 ports for SV8100.