NEC SV8100 abbreviations

ACD Automatic Call Distribution ADA Ancillary Device Adapter APR Analog Port Adapter (with ringer) AUX IN/OUTBGM/MOH Port (on CPU) BCH Bluetooth Cordless Handset BHA Bluetooth Hub Adapter BRI Basic Rate Interface BRIDB Expansion Basic Rate Interface Daughter Board on BRI BRT Basic Rate Interface Blade/ISDN Terminal Interface Blade BUS0 BUS Interface Blade (for 1U chassis) BUS1 BUS Interface Blade (for 2U chassis) CCT CCIS Interface Blade CF Compact Flash CFT Conference Trunk (on CPU) CNF Conference Bridge Blade (PVA) COT Central Office Trunk (Loop and Ground Start Interface) COTDB Loop and Ground Start Interface Daughter Board on COT CPU Central Processing Unit DID Direct Inward Dialing DIOP DID/OPX Blade DLC Digital Multiline Terminal Interface Blade DLCB Expansion Digital Multiline Terminal Interface Blade on DLC DRS Device Registration Server (on CPU) DSS Direct Station Selection Console DTI Digital Trunk Interface DTG Digital Tone Generator (on CPU) ETHERNET Ethernet Port (on CPU) FT1 Fractional T1 GBA GigaBit Adapter GSWU Power over Ethernet Gigabit Switch IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame IPTIP Trunk (P2P CCIS) (on CPU) ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network LAN Local Area Network LC Single Line Telephone Interface Blade LCDB Single Line Telephone Interface Daughter Board on LC MDF Main Distribution Frame MEM Main Memory (on CPU) MIS Management Information System MOH Music On Hold OAI Open Application Interface (on CPU) ODTTie Line Interface Blade (2W/4W E&M) OPX Off-Premise Extension

PBRPB Receiver (on CPU) PBSNDPB Sender (on CPU) PCPro PC Programming PFT Power Failure Transfer PLO Phase Locked Oscillator (on CPU) PMS Property Management System PRI Primary Rate Interface PRT Primary Rate Interface Blade PS Personal Station PSA PSTN Adapter (analog) PVA Packet Voice Application RTB Router Blade SERIAL Serial Port (on CPU) SLT Single Line Telephone SMDR Station Message Detail Recording TDSW Time Division Switch (on CPU) USB Universal Serial Bus (on CPU) CD-VM00 UMS Blade Server Blade (SV8100 only) PZ-VM21VMS Daughter Board with V34 Modem (SV8100 only) VMS Voice Mail System VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol VoIPDB VoIP Daughter Board (on CPU) VRS Voice Response System WAN Wide Area Network WebPro Web-Based PC Programming