SL1100 Virtual extensions

Virtual Extensions are available software extensions in the SL1100. A Virtual Extension assigned to a line key, can appear and ring on an individual station or multiple stations and be used for outbound access.
Up to 50 VE keys are provided.
•The 84 available ports/Extensions are assigned on a per extension basis for Virtual Extension key mode.
•The 84 available ports/Extensions are assigned per extension for CAR key mode or Virtual Extension key mode.
•More than one extension can share a Virtual Extension key.
•An extension can have more than one Virtual Extension key assigned.
Assigning a Virtual Extension key of the extension the key is assigned on is not supported.
•Up to 32 incoming calls can be queued to busy Virtual Extension key.
•You cannot have a CAR key and Virtual Extension on the same telephone.
•Virtual Extensions do not support the following features:
-Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release
-Reverse Voice Over
-Tone Override
-Voice Over
•When a valid system station calls a Virtual Extension appearing on another station, Voice and MW softkeys appear in the display of the calling station, but they do not operate.
•When talking on a Virtual Extension you cannot mute the handset.
•Incoming calls to a virtual extension that appear on stations that are used with the CTI applications, PC Assistant, or PC Attendant, do not show up as a second call in the CTI application.