DIL for SV8100

Direct Inward Line (DIL)
A Direct Inward Line (DIL) is a trunk that rings an extension, virtual extension or Department Group directly. Since DILs only ring one extension or group (i.e., the DIL destination), employees always know which calls are for them. For example, a company operator can have a Direct Inward Line for International Sales Information. When outside callers dial the DIL telephone number, the call rings the operator on the International Sales line key. The DIL does not ring other extensions.
There are 200 available trunks, 64 Department Groups, 512 extensions and 256 virtual extensions.
DIL Delayed Ringing
Extensions in a Ring Group can have delayed ringing for another extension DIL. If the DIL is not answered at its original destination, it rings the DIL No Answer Ring Group. This could help a Technical Service department, for example, that covers calls for an Inside Sales department. If the Inside Sales calls are not answered, they ring to the Technical Service department.
 If unanswered, a DIL without delayed ringing rings an extension until the outside party hangs up.
 If a DIL rings a Department Group and all agents are busy, the system routes the call as follows:
1.The trunk rings the overflow destination assigned in Program 22-08.
2.If there is no 22-08 assignment, the call rings according to the Ring Group assignments in Program 22-04 and Program 22-05.
3. If none of the destinations in steps 1~2 above are available, the call continues to ring until a destination becomes free.
 The DIL follows call forwarding programming, even to voice mail.
 When a call is transferred by Call Forwarding – No Answer, Call Forwarding – Busy, or DND, the Reason for Transfer can display at the transferred extension.
 You can place DILs in trunk groups to make outgoing DIL calls easier.
 If a DIL destination extension is in DND, an incoming call rings according to Ring Group programming (Program 22-08 then Program 22-05).
 If a user puts the telephone in Do Not Disturb, calls routed to the telephone in DND do not follow call forwarding.
 A user can activate Group Call Pickup to intercept a DIL ringing another extension.