DID for Ericsson-LG

If DID call is incoming to a station that is already call connected, this DID call is wait until the station is answering or the DID/DISA no answer timer is expired. To activate this feature, the ADMIN field of DID call wait must be set enable. If station has a flexible button of DID call wait, then it can set this feature via flexible button.
Operation iPECS Phone To assign a {DID CALL WAIT} button: [PGM] + {FLEX} + [PGM] + ‘34’ + [SAVE]
To activate/deactivate DID call wait from an iPECS Phone:
1. Press the {DID CALL WAIT} button.
2. Dial activate/deactivate code, ‘1’ or ‘0’ respectively.
1. The DID call will follow the call routing defined in PGM code 167 after the expiration of the DID/DISA no answer timer expires.
2. The iPECS Phone must have an appearance button for the DID line.
3. Assigning the ICLID Timer, which enables ICLID routing, for a DID line, disables DID Call Wait.