Jabra BIZ 2400 Plantronics SupraPlus
The Jabra BIZ 2400 headsets are part of a comprehensive family of headsets that raises the bar on corded headset quality and performance.
The Jabra BIZ 2400 series features a cascade of improvements that pushes the levels of audio quality, comfort and durability necessary for dealing with the special requirements in contact centre and office environments.

The Plantronics SupraPlus Wireless allows use of the phone whilst up to 50m from the desk, with excellent all-day wearing comfort. In noisier situations, the binaural version is ideal to reduce distractions, while both monaural and binaural versions feature a noise-cancelling microphone that greatly reduces background noise. The QuickPair feature allows multiple headsets to share one base for effective multi-shift working or hot-desking.
Plantronics CS70N

The Plantronics CS70N allows easy multi-tasking, whether that is using a PC whilst on a teleconference, finding some private/ quiet space for that important call, or simply stretching your legs whilst on a long teleconference. Stylish and discreet, with excellent sound quality and wireless range, it’s the perfect combination.

Jabra’s top of the range GN9350e uses state-of-the- art technology, delivering the purest sound quality that gives the feeling of a true “face-to-face” conversation, even up to 120 metres.

The Jabra GN9350e offers a choice of wearing styles and features a sophisticated LCD display on the base unit plus an optional second battery charger gives around-the-clock
Jabra GN9350e

Jabra GN9330e USB Plantronics CS60

Plantronics Savi Office
The Plantronics CS60 allows you to multi-task more easily – whether that is making notes or using your PC whilst on a phone call, or picking up documents from the printer without hanging up. Cost-effective and flexible, with excellent sound quality and wireless range, it also allows you to choose a wearing style that works for you.
Savi Office is the wireless headset system built to unify voice communications. This enterprise-grade headset system connects to both the desk phone and PC. The Savi Office headset system offers an impressive range with a wide variety of comfortable wearing styles, interactive software for personalisation and an adaptive battery system.
The Jabra GN9330e USB wireless headset features enhanced, high-definition, sound quality and additional comfort for all PC-based IP telephony conversations. Digital security encryption ensures that no-one else can listen in.

Jabra M5390 USB
The headset connects quickly and effortlessly to your computer. The simple and intuitive controls make it easy to operate, all weighing only 26 grams.
The Jabra M5390 Multiuse headset is a Bluetooth headset that connects simultaneously to mobile phones and PC softphones (via the enclosed PC adapter).
The Jabra M5390 Multiuse headset combines the sound and range performance known from office headsets with the convenience of a mobile headset.